Kameo meets Pacifica when she reaches the cave to rescue Deep Blue.

A helpful friend
Vital statistics
Title Sassy Explorer
Gender female
Race Squid-like creature
Faction Good
Health infinite
Level Mountain Rise
Status Living
Location Outside Deep Blue's Cave

She remarks about how she's been stuck up there for ever, then urges Kameo to hurry up and rescue Deep Blue so they can escape together. Upon entering the cave, Pacifica will give Kameo a hint on the puzzle before them about how to open the well.

When she wonders if there are clues, she is referring to the number of skulls on each fence near the pillars.

Once the two leave the cave, Pacifica points out the Water Wheel that Deep Blue can use to open a shortcut so that both can get back to the Mountain Falls village.

Trivia Edit

  • Pacifica is voiced by Sarah Mennell who also voiced Kalus as they loved Sarah's voice so much and wanted to give her more speaking roles in the game.
  • If the player talks to Pacifica once she is back in her hut, she talks about how they could go on another adventure someday(referring to the sequel that the developers were thinking about doing)
  • Despite others belief, the tour guide that the player meets when they first enter Mountain Falls is not Pacifica.