"......" -Kreepo


Kreepo was originally meant to be Kalus' companion throughout the game and had a fierce rival with Meepo. Once Meepo was removed from the game, Kreepo's role lost its purpose and he was repurposed as the common squealing dragons that are seen flying around Thorn's Castle.


Kalus' former companion
First appearance Kameo: Elements of Power(2005)
Appears in Kameo: Elements of Power(2005)
Titles Kalus' Companion
Sex male
Homeland Unknown
Hometown Unknown
Kindred Meepo
Race Dragon
Alternate form(s) Mega Kreepo
Age ??
Affiliations Kalus, Thorn's Army,

Kreepo helped Kalus and even fought for her.

Kalus would cast spells on him to make him grow into a giant flaming version of himself.</p>Not much is known about Kreepo other then he has a squinting eye and displayed a serious type of character.</p></p></p>