"Test your skills to their limit in twisted versions of the action stages. Only true champions will survive." - Description of Expert Mode.

Expert Mode is a much harder version of the main stages in Kameo: Elements of Power, this difficulty is included in a Kameo DLC Pack. This mode features several differences, including enemy placements, health and spirit bar length, enemy numbers, and health, etc.

General DifferencesEdit

  • You have full access to all Elemental Warriors in all stages.
  • Your attacks inflict half of the damage it usually did in Normal mode, for example, Pummel Weed's jabs normally did 10hp per hit, will now only harm an enemy by 5hp per hit.
  • Your health bar is much shorter, as it was in the beginning of the game.
  • You're heavily vulnerable to attacks, as any hits from any enemy will cause a considerable amount of damage.
  • Crystal Eyes are disabled, and cannot be used in this mode.
  • Enemies and breakable objects will very rarely, and only carry one heart, which regenerates very little HP.
  • Enemies' HP has increased greatly, and will sometimes have anywhere from 250 - 450 HP
  • Bigger trolls are often seen, standing vastly over smaller ones.
  • All Elemental Warriors have been reverted to their weakest state with no upgraded abilities whatsoever
  • Your spirit bar now always remains small, and takes longer to regenerate.
  • Enemy placements are now stronger and more confusing, such as Fire Trolls spawning Archers, Airships appearing in the Water Temple, rogue Dragons from the Snow Top Village launching Fireballs at you in the Snow Temple, etc.


  • Achievements are rewarded for completing each level on Expert Mode, but none of them will give you Gamerscore.